Adding your own customer sounds to iCal

For a while I was looking for how to add custom sounds, but all I was getting was results on how to add sounds to appointments in your schedule.
I did eventually find some that said you would need to edit the registry of iCal to add new ones, and then the sound could be put in a particular folder.

Well the solution for this, is that you need not edit anything. You just need the sound file in aiff format.

Now the sound file needs to be in aiff format, otherwise its no good.
A great free program is Max.
If you don't need to convert your file, skip to the bottom.

If you are using Max to convert the audio file to aiff then there are a few things you will need to configure in Max first.
Max1Firstly open up the Preferences and then click on the Formats button. From the bottom list of "Available output formats" double click format required.
As iCal requires them to be in aiff format, that is what we will double click in the list. I chose AIFF (Apple/SGI). It will no appear in the top part "Configured output formats". Now put a tick in thebox and you can close the preferences. Max2
Max3Now clike File > Convert Files...
[I was converting the Mac Install Complete as its a a nice loud sound to alert me.]
Now choose the file you want to convert.
Then click "Convert".
So the jobs done, well I did not know straight away where the file was save to, but I did find it. Its in Music/Unknown Artist/Unknown Album/00 Unknown Track.aiff. Max4

Rename the file and copy it to the folder: Macintosh HD/System/Library/Sounds/
Now the next time you run iCal, you will be able to select the custom sound you chose as an alert.


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