Disabling swipe in Safari

I do like the swipe feature of the Magic Mouse, especially while looking through photos in iPhoto. But when it comes to safari, it can mess things up. I had filled in may online documents or processed many payments. Whit it comes to selecting something else with the mouse or just clicking next (or even writing on this blog and using the mouse to move up and down the page) is when the problem strikes.

It can be a very sensitive mouse at times, if it feels the slightest notion of a swipe (generally to the left), it may navigate away from a page you are browsing. So the solution I was looking for, was to disable the swipe in Safari.

There is nothing to so this in the system preferences, nor is there anything in the Safari preferences. I could not find any possible plug-in or extension for Safari, but finally came across MultiClutch. This is a System preference for 32bit systems. So as the majority of people may now be using 64bit systems, there is someone under the name of Prashant who had made this software workable.

View here to learn how to make it workable for 64bit applications.
Getting to the point, this software does not disable it for Safari, but you can change what the gestures do in Safari (or any software). When you open MultiClutch for the first time from the System Preferences there will be nothing assigned. You will need to add an Application first, I added (clicking +) Safari. Then I added the two gestures I wanted to change in Safari (clicking the + on the right), first the swipe left I added key command "shift" + "ctrl" + "tab" keys (select previous tab), then the swipe right I added key command "ctrl" + "tab" keys (select next tab). See the image for what you set up should look like if you are following my route.

Once all is set up, restart your computer to make sure all is in order. Once your are back on, the swiping in your web browser should no longer navigate away from your page you are viewing.

Lion incompatibility.
It seems that the above will not work in OS X 10.7 Lion. This software caused a few problems for me, and it had to be removed. If you are like me and are also removing this, you will need to remove the 64bit updates you installed. As this is incompatible now, the best option is to disable swipe in on the system preferences.


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